Nokia Camera port brings 3D Personas (Animojis) to any Android 8.0+ device

  • 时间: 2018-09-24 05:02:25

TheNokia 6.1 Plus launched with HMD Global’s version of Apple’s Animojis or Samsung’s AR Emojis. It’s called 3D Personas and it works similarly to other 3D emoji features by using the front-facing camera to map your facial expressions onto a 3D model. HMD Global only offers a few 3D Personas to play around with, unlike Samsung’s many Disney-themed packs. The one advantage to this version from Nokia is that it has been ported for most ARM64 Android devices runningAndroid Oreo or Android Pie.

The Nokia Camera has been ported in the past to bring the Pro Camera mode to non-Nokia devices. Since the Pro Camera mode was only made available for select Nokia-branded devices with Zeiss optics, that same port made its way over to other Nokia-branded devices . Now, the same developer behind that original port, XDA Recognized Contributor linuxct, isback at it again after XDA Senior member Hikari_Calyxsent him the latest version of the Nokia Camera app (version 91.9.)

Nokia Camera Port changelog from version 8.1041.71 to 91.9.1130.40

The Nokia Pro Camera mode has a refreshed design. The developer says that Slow Motion and Timelapse should work but only on a limited set of devices. 3D Personas may not work on every device as it worked on my SamsungGalaxy Note 9 and OnePlus 6 , but it crashed on myGoogle Pixel 2 XL. The panorama, live bokeh, and selfie bokeh mode are also not working. This port is very similar to the old one except for the addition of the 3D Personas feature. You can see the git difference here to confirm for yourself that the changes done to the camera app are safe.

Download Nokia Camera Port with 3D Personas

All you need to do to install this on your phone is download the APK from the thread below and then install the APK.

Download Nokia Camera port with 3D Personas

We recommend you keep an eye outon the forum thread by linuxct for more updates.