Netflix's 'Maniac' is seriously messing with people's heads

  • 时间: 2018-09-24 05:43:39

Netflix's Maniac , starringEmma Stone andJonah Hill, is here to fuck you up.

The 10-episode series is being compared to all kinds of pop culture cousins, from Inceptionto Westworldto Legion( Superbadjokes are in the rearview now). Variety called it one of the year's best shows, while a more critical New Yorker review still praises the show's "alluring technique."

We can't quite explain it without giving things away, but please enjoy the reactions of everyone along for the ride.

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Maniac on Netflix is instantly iconic. Classic TV experience akin to watching Mr. Robot or Twin Peaks for the 1st time. 3 episodes in. Really hope it keeps the high bar.

— Geoffrey Rickly (@GeoffRickly) September 23, 2018

Maniac on Netflix is Art.

It’s like Mr. Robot, W. Anderson, Soylent Green, 5th Element, Bladerunner, Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind, & Matrix all had a baby that suffered from schizophrenia. Then that baby stuck it’s finger in an outlet. That’s Maniac and it’s gorgerous.

— Tara Ansley (@TaraAnsley) September 23, 2018

Just stayed up until 7 binge watching #Maniacon Netflix. I don't usually recommend Netflix Originals lol, but this is a MUST watch

— Julian Blatt (@julian_blatt) September 23, 2018

Maniac is like Inception but with the 80s Dharma aesthetic from Lost plus a splash of alternate futurism from Her

— matt (@MattHeimiller) September 22, 2018

Started watching Maniac on Netflix, this is like Westworld/Inception confusing

— Lauren Goodland (@Dorkfeatures) September 22, 2018

#Maniacis one of those rare shows that is truly transformative and memorable. A fresh and wildly creative story with amazing performances from Emma Stone, Jonah Hill, Justin Theroux and more. The score and cinematography are just blissful. And the production design is amazing.

— juan (@Juan_Migg) September 23, 2018

Watching Maniac. Weirdest goddam show I think I’ve ever watched and I’m only 2 eps in. I can’t tell what year it is. I don’t know who or what is real. I’m just getting mind fucked by Jonah and Emma

— KFC (@KFCBarstool) September 22, 2018

First few episodes of #Maniacgot me like:

— Josh Knapman (@Joshknapman) September 22, 2018

Either I’m just dumb af or the first episode of Maniac is 40 minutes of pure confusion

— Amy-Martine (@amymartine) September 23, 2018

Maniac is a weird, philosophical, emotional, heartbreaking, hilarious, visually-striking, clever, retro world full of uncompassionate laws and organizations which are dichotomized by compassionate individuals. What's it about? No idea. What's it saying? Everything.

— JWTurner AKA Joemama (@jwakajoma) September 22, 2018

Just reached the 3rd episode of Maniac and I have absolutely no idea what is happening

— Danny Jaqq (@DannyJaqq) September 23, 2018

Just when I think I have #maniacfigured out, it spins on its head. Definitely a show to rewatch to gather what I’ve missed!

— Lynsey (@LynseyACraig) September 22, 2018

#Maniacmight be the best thing Netflix has ever put out. Top tier work from Jonah Hill, Emma Stone, Justin Theroux, and director Cary Fukunaga. A retrofuturistic mind trip exploring existential crises while still having fun.

— Joe David (@josephh513) September 23, 2018

Maniac on Netflix is fucked up, and brilliant. Emma Stone and Jonah Hill are amazing in it, well worth your time. #Maniac #Netflix

— Rob Shipman (@robship) September 22, 2018