OnePlus Switch 2.1 adds support for migrating Launcher, Wallpapers, and Desktop Layout

  • 时间: 2018-09-23 06:22:34

The OnePlus Switch application was released at the beginning of this year and makes migrating to a new OnePlus smartphone as easy as possible. At first it wasn’t all too great, however, it has really improved over time. You can transfer over your application data , your downloads, and pretty much everything else you can think of, but it was missing one thing. You couldn’t migrate pretty much anything relating to your launcher, including the wallpapers and desktop layout. That’s changed in the latest version of the app, OnePlus Switch 2.1, which is now available on the Google Play Store. It does not appear that you will be able to migrate the layout of any launcher that isn’t the OnePlus Launcher , however.


  • Support migrate launcher, wallpapers, and arrange of application
  • Support manual connection to mobile hotspots
  • Support backup application data
  • Compatible with more Android models

The OnePlus Switch application is definitely the easiest way to migrate everything over to your new OnePlus device. It could already basically do everything, and anything else added now is simply to make the app as comprehensive as possible. On top of being able to migrate your launcher, you’ll also be able to transfer data via a mobile hotspot and the app has also become compatible with more Android smartphones than before. It does seem like there’s not much else OnePlus can add to the app as pretty much all bases are covered. All that is really left is to support iOS, which is obviously going to be a bit more difficult.

With theimpending OnePlus 6T launch, there will be many needing to migrate all of their data over, so the continued updating of the OnePlus Switch application is really to accommodate those new to the company and those updating from an earlier OnePlus device like theOnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T ,OnePlus 5, orOnePlus 5T. You can download the OnePlus Switch 2.1 update from the Google Play Store down below.