iPhone XS Offers Significantly Faster LTE Speeds Compared to iPhone X

  • 时间: 2018-09-23 07:03:37

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max come with a Gigabit LTE modem which at least on paper makes them significantly faster when compared to the iPhone X. How much of a difference does it make in real life though?

As results compiled by SpeedSmart show, the iPhone XS offers significantly faster LTE download/upload speeds than the iPhone X across three major U.S. carriers — AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. On AT&T’s network, the iPhone XS managed a download speed of 72.24Mbps and an upload speed of 14.88Mbps. In comparison, the iPhone X managed a paltry download and upload speeds of 27.67Mbps and 10.28Mbps, respectively.

The First #iPhoneXS & #iPhoneXSMax Speed Tests have been taken showing significant improvement over previous iPhone in network speed with comparison. @tmobile @JohnLegere @ATT #speedsmart https://t.co/cHKHU5JZU4 pic.twitter.com/KEJXjPFSCV

— SpeedSmart (@SpeedSmart) September 17, 2018

We see a similar story on T-Mobile’s network where the iPhone X pulled download speeds of 29.82 while the iPhone XS was almost twice as fast at 59.92Mbps. The upload speed on the iPhone XS was also faster when compared to its predecessor — 19.35Mbps vs 12.22Mbps.

On Verizon’s network, iPhone XS reported a download speed of 62.20Mbps which is almost 4x times higher than the iPhone X’s 16.10Mbps. The upload speed was also higher by almost 2.6x times at 26.08Mbps (vs 10.92Mbps).

Overall, it looks like the faster Gigabit LTE modem inside the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max has a major real-world impact. Faster LTE speeds along with improved network connection is an improvement that any smartphone user will always prefer. So, if you are unsatisfied with the network performance of your iPhone X, you might want to consider upgrading to the iPhone XS.