[Idea] Screen Sharing application using electronjs and pusher

  • 时间: 2018-05-12 11:57:00

My idea?

To create a realtime screen sharing application like Teamviewer / Chrome remote desktop but without any realtime controlling system.

Tech Stack

  1. ElectronJS (get native OS APIs support specifically desktopCapture)
  2. NodeJS (Routes to generate userId for sharing session and maybe for up/down data streams)
  3. Pusher Channel API (the power provider these gods need)

Challenges I know I'm going to face?

MediaRecorder, FileReader, Buffer, ElectronJS(all these are going to be my first try) but I know this is going to be interesting and an exciting journey for me and my learning :grin:

Doubts I have regarding pusher:

  • How do I start a stream from one client to another? For example, I send a request to backend route that generates a id, I make a pusher channel with that id. Now how do I send video data as stream on that channel via pusher api from client? Any help would be appreciated.

This was my first article so pardon me for bad markup and thanks for reading.