Infinito Wallet partners with Blockpass to maximize cryptocurrency potential

  • 时间: 2018-05-12 12:21:16

Bitcoin has been around for less than 10 years, with many newer cryptocurrencies younger than that. Yet, despite this, the market has quickly gained traction regardless of the regulatory hurdles and pressures from global authorities. With the industry’s popularity growing partly due to its existence outside of the traditional banking system more people are becoming interested in investing in it.

For investors who are joining the market and want to expand their cryptocurrency portfolio, they need a service that will enable them to do this. Not only that, but they require something that delivers security to their funds, is easy to use, and is transparent.

A multi-asset universal wallet is aiming to provide these services to users by becoming the world’s number one wallet with support for some of the leading cryptocurrencies on the market.

Universal wallet for ETH and NEO

Infinito Wallet , which launched last December, offers an extending list of leading transactional digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Gas, NEO, Dash, and Doge to name just a few.

Additionally, the platform also provides access to all tokens built on leading smart contract blockchains such as Ethereum’s ERC20 tokens and NEO’s NEP5 tokens. This, in turn, means that Infinito Wallet can add new coins all the time giving users the opportunity to expand their cryptocurrency portfolios under one application.

Starting May 10, Infinito Wallet will also be offering a quick and easy three-step EOS registration. According to a blog from the platform, the EOS token registration will ensure that a users ERC20 assets are secure after the EOS initial coin offering (ICO) finishes on June 1, 2018.

However, in order to claim future EOS tokens, all ERC20 EOS tokens will need to be registered with EOS prior to June 1. If not, they will be frozen and will be non-transferable on the Ethereum blockchain. Infinito Wallet has provided a simple guide that will ensure users can register their EOS tokens easily.

Maximizing the potential of cryptocurrencies

At the end of last month, Infinito Wallet and self-sovereign identity application Blockpass revealed their collaboration with the launch of the Blockpass PASS token to launch on the Infinito Wallet.

The platform said that in addition to the inclusion of advantageous features  touch ID support, enhanced speeds, multilingual, transaction memos, and price optimization to name a few  — thanks to the  recent inclusion of QR code scan, token VeriSign, and the ICO tab, the platform now supports the compliant PASS token.

Its intention is to change RegTech (regulatory technology) and KYD (Know-Your-Distributor) and KYC (Know-Your-Customer). Blockpass has also been developed as a step toward the Internet of Everything (IoE). The PASS token, in addition to the RegTech integration, will seamlessly work with ICOs, according to Infinito Wallet.

“This new integration shows how Infinito Wallet is not only an industry-leading universal wallet, but it is also a single gateway to access the utmost benefits of cryptocurrencies,” can be read on the website.

Blockpass and Infinito Wallet are working at introducing a new RegTech infrastructure that will aid ‘the launch of compliant tokens, security tokens, real-world blockchain assets, and other ‘attributed’ token designs.’

The two organizations are also planning to launch the Blockpass PASS token via the Infinito Wallet platform at the end of May 2018. It will be the first RegTech token issued on the wallet’s platform. With the addition of the token VeriSign and ICO tab features, the PASS token can be used on the platform with security to fight against fraudulent activities.

“When investing in PASS with Infinitor Wallet, the investor can scan a special QR code on the Blockpass website and the PASS will automatically appear in the investor’s wallet dashboard with a Verisign mark endorsed by Infinitor Wallet,” the platform explained. “Thus the PASS token and its smart contract are officially verified by Blockpass without fear of fraud.”

This partnership with Blockpass is part of the wallet’s plan to join with leading blockchain service providers that enables users to maximize their usage and potentials of digital currencies.

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